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We're All Human with Courtney Diamond

Sep 15, 2018

I sat down to chat with Michelle Harman (@mishka2386) and Jenna Lee Golden (@jennajennaboomboom) to answer Insta questions from the listeners. One of my favorites.

What's the worst problem with dating, how many dick pics have we received, Jenna loves Taco Bell WAY more than we knew, the main things that ruin the vibe in the moment, would you rather have Oreo lips or Cheeto fingers, PB bars and decent restrooms, where do beautiful ladies hang out, which one of us is the creepiest lurker when it comes to internet man investigation, the podcasts we listen to, do we crave men with manly skills, how you can stand out to women, why do the people you actually want not give you the time of day, what standards do we hold men to, vulnerability, and more.

Listen to us go from light to deep talk as the pod progresses.

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