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We're All Human with Courtney Diamond

Nov 28, 2018

Whiskey Tasting Podcast #2

I sit down to chat with Jared Lazar (@jaredblacklazer) over a bottle of Buffalo Trace.

How he created his artistic life, The Tale of Cassie Emily, the key to approaching people you're interested in, PBR Stormtroopers, how fast does a woman know if she'd sleep with someone, context clues, our...

Nov 12, 2018

Whiskey Tasting Podcast #1

I sat down to chat with my friend, Taylor Henderson (@tayloritah), and sample two whiskeys: Woodford Reserve and High West.

We also answer the questions you sent to us. Find out: how kinky we are, are we obvious when we drink, the stories of our drunkest nights, the first drinks we had and...

Nov 3, 2018

I sat down to chat with Watch The Duck (AKA Jesse Rankins and Eddie Smith III) in their studio in LA on a Halloween night.

We talk: LA, alcohol, finding people that compliment your weird, sleeping next to people struggles, lucid dreaming, how they got started, changes in the music industry, being in our 30's,...

Oct 31, 2018

Just me, my couch, and your questions in the late night hours.

Topics: Am I actually single or do I just say that for the internet, do I have sex on the first date, what book do I suggest everyone reads, what am I looking for and do I think I'm too picky, what song sums up my love life, what is an ideal date night,...

Sep 29, 2018

I sat down to chat with DJ Schoeny (@djschoenyofficial) and my friend, Nate, after Schoeny picked is up from a bar. Nate was feeling frustrated with the dating scene and we end up tossin' around three perspectives on what the deal with that is and with the scene as a whole.

Advice sesh, ghosting, how available should...